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Jeff & Mike Show #368 2/22/15
February 23, 2015 08:55 PM PST
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Former NY Major Rudy Giuliani says President Obama doesn't love the country, but what does he mean by “love the country”? Mike Huckabee calls Iran a snake and it's time to kill the snake. Mitt Romney's niece getting into politics. Big oil giving millions to the Clinton foundation. 23,000 die from bacteria from use of endoscopy in hospitals annually. Mississippi has compulsory childhood vaccines and the rate of autism has skyrocketed 381% in the state. California wants warning labels on soda. The Super Bowl conspiracy. Ukrainians' dodging the draft. Towering inferno in Dubai. Jeff tells his dream. We talk with Steve of White Horse Media about the topic of Armageddon. FOX New's Bill O'Reilly caught embellishing his “war story”. A rewrite in the works for Mission Impossible 5.

DeGarmo & Key – Jericho.
LSU - Bad disease.
Midnight Oil - Beds are burning.
Michael Omartian - Here He comes.
Ambrosia - Life beyond LA.

Jeff & Mike Show #367 2/15/15
February 16, 2015 05:54 PM PST
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We talk with historian Mark Owen about the truth behind the assassination of President Lincoln. We share some forgotten facts about George Washington's personal life. Sarah Palin says the caribou in Alaska have to ”take one for the team” for more oil drilling. Draft Elizabeth Warren movement underway but have they forgotten about Hillary? NJ Governor Chris Christie is blocking a online gaming group from getting into Atlantic City to protect GOP billionaire Caino mogul, Sheldon Adelson. Some GOP controlled states want lower tax for the wealthy and higher taxes on the middle class and the poor. Costco and American Express ending partnership. Obama looking to send troops to fight ISIS. War heats up in the Ukraine. Al Franken says that your smart TV is spying on you. Laugh-In's Announcer Gary Owens passes. NBC's Brian Williams suspended for six moths and having more of his reporting questioned.

Dion Dimucci - Abraham Martin and John.
The Swirling Eddies - Don't ask me how I feel.
Big Country - Big Country.
Violent Femmes - I hate the TV.
The Olympics - My baby loves the western movies.

Jeff & Mike Show #366 2/8/15
February 10, 2015 09:11 PM PST
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The truth about the measles vaccines and why the government it trying to take away parents right to chose. Ann Coulter pining for Mitt Romney to join back in the 2016 race. NJ Governor Chris Christie has been taking big gifts from foreign leaders. NBC's Brian Williams finds himself in big trouble for “misrembering”. Koch brothers worth 10 billion and plans to spend about 1 billion to buy the the 2016 Presidential election. Personnel information stolen from Turbo Tax. 44% of adults Americans employed full time. Obama takes credit for lower gas prices. Just in time - “what REAL love looks like”. Jesse Ventura compares US war in the Mid-east with the Nazis. ISIS burns a Jordanian pilot alive and Jordan hits back hard. Study finds John Kerry the worst Secretary of States. Bruce Jenner kills a women with his car. 007 sprains his knee.

Devo - Freedom of choice.
Sting - If you love somebody set them free.
The Ocean Blue – Love song.
The Beatles - All you need is love.
Randy Newman - I love LA.