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Jeff & Mike Show #325 4/20/14
April 21, 2014 08:23 PM PDT
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The Weeper of the House of representatives, John Boehner says he's hell-bent on passing immigration reform, but what would it look like? NJ Chris Christie wants no limits on any campaign donations. Montana GOP candidate runs TV ad of him shooting down a drone. Ann Coulter get's laughed at by libertarian collage students. We talk with a Representative from the company that makes the ever popular Easter candy- “peeps”. Nevada Rancher doesn’t want to pay government fees and has become a hero to some types. US having big troubles with Russia but American auto makers still want to sell cars there. Post Office in a Staples store? Gotta hear the 8 beers that you need to stay away from. People dying in Colorado from eating pot based products. Women gets in trouble at Disneyland for have big breasts. Get ready for it: Mrs. Doubtfire
Queen - Under pressure.
Rare Earth - I just want to celebrate.
Lost Dogs - No ship coming in.
Code of Ethics – Being with you
Bob Marley and the Wailers – Jammin.

Jeff & Mike Show #324 4/13/14
April 14, 2014 07:28 PM PDT
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Hillary Clinton gets a shoe thrown at her and she thought it was a bat! Louisiana republican congressman and buddy of the Duck Dynasty guys was caught on camera making out with a friends wife. Jeb Bush says that illegals coming to the US is an “act of love” and republicans get hot under the collar. The Obamas' income dropped 21% last year. We talk to a guest about “iris scanning” being used today. Rush Limbaugh has a fit over the CBS choice to replace David Letterman. We talk with Mike Doyle, director of the university of Georgia center food safety about the dangers of some imported foods. Mike reviews the new Captain America movie. New inductees to the Rock N Roll hall of fame.

Howard Jones - Step into these shoes.
The Beatles – Taxman.
Weird Al - eat it.
The B52s - private Idaho.

Jeff & Mike Show #323 4/6/14
April 07, 2014 08:49 PM PDT
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The Supreme Court rules in favor of BIG money having more influence in our elections. Feds continue to investigate Chris Christie's Birdgegate. Obama brags about 7 million signing up for Obamacare but the Republicans will not give up on repealing it. Paul Ryan's latest budget plan is as mean as it gets. New stat: Most American jobs pay under $20. an hour. Ann Coulter wants Mitt Romney to run for President again in 2016. Bill O'Reilly wants to beat up the Major of NYC. Major earthquake in Chile but are they fracking in Chile too? Another shoot up rampage at Fort Hood. A cop pulls a gun on some kids building a tree house. David Letterman announces his retirement but who can fill his shoes?

ABC - How to be a millionaire.
Adam Again - All you lucky people.
Nick Heyward - The world.
The Eagles – Life in the fast lane.
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.