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Jeff & Mike Show #355 11/23/14
November 24, 2014 08:51 PM PST
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President Obama takes action on immigration reform with executive order, but is it legal and will it actually help. Obama gets in trouble for quoting scripture in his speech. Jeb Bush heads to Wall Street to raise money for 2016. Texas Governor Rick Perry's felony charges have not been thrown out as his lawyers asked. It's the 51st anniversary of the assassination of JFK and we talk to film maker Robert Kiviat to take a fresh look at the evidence. Neil Young starts a boycott of Starbucks. Walmart workers needing food banks and welfare to just get along. E-cigarettes can give your PC malware. Lots of snow in Buffalo NY and we tell you how to avoid a hart attack while shoveling. 2nd US Ebola death similar to the 1st US Ebola death in several ways. Who is the crazy lady who wants to marry Charles Manson. Bill Cosby under fire but is he really a rapist?

Genesis - Illegal immigrant.
The Lost Dogs – Bullet Train.
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Live hey hey my my.
Cush – Crush me.
INXS - Don't change.

Jeff & Mike Show #354 11/16/14
November 17, 2014 07:03 PM PST
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An Obamacare”architect” caught on video mentioning the stupidity of the American voter, but what did he really mean? President Obama gets in trouble for chewing gum in China. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused of hitting on the Chinese President's wife. Obama wants to take executive action on immigration but will this help or hurt those seeking to become legal. NJ Governor Chris Christie called out for cruelty toward pigs. We talk to Debbie Russel from about taser abuse in the hands of the Police. Europe lands a probe on a comet to discover what?! Walmart workers plan a black Friday protest. Don't hold your breath waiting for a pair of “Google glasses”. Monsanto suing Hawaii over their rejecting GMOs. Oil prices plan to stay low well into 2015. The KKK threaten to kill protesters Ferguson Missouri. Bill Cosby not going to address rape accusations. Kim Kardashian bares all and steals the limelight for the week.

Kerry Livgrin & AD – Timeline.
Peter Gabriel - Shock the monkey.
Stan Ridgway - All too much.
The Monkees - That was then this is now.
The Comsat Angels – Falling.

Jeff & Mike Show #353 11/9/14
November 10, 2014 08:02 PM PST
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We talk with former talk show host Micheal Paisner about what went wrong for the Democrats on election day and what's going to happen with a Republican controlled Congress. Malaysian airliner that was shot down over the Ukraine had bullet holes in the fuselage. There's a global currency war going on. US consumer debt reaches 3.27 trillion dollars. Walmart cuts health benefits for 30,000 employees. Starbucks eggnog frappuccino is back and cappuccino Lays
potato chips are out. Florida cops brakes a 14 year girls arm as he tried to take her cell phone. 90 year old arrested for feeding the homeless in Florida. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son dating Miley Cyrus. The official title of Star Wars 7 announced.

Talking Heads - Once in a lifetime.
Genesis - Land of confusion.
The Clash - Brand new cadillac.
Tonio K - Without love.
The Fixx - One thing leads to another.