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Jeff & Mike Show #371 3/22/15
March 23, 2015 09:10 PM PDT
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The big Jeff & Mike Show announcement! Glen Beck pulls a publicity stunt and declares he's done with the GOP. Obama says he thinks mandatory voting is a good idea. Ted Cruz makes a little girl cry. NJ Governor Chris Christie finally gives in and allows Tesla Auto to sell their car in his state. The head of the Secret Service tries to sweep his agents' drunk driving under the rug. Mohamed Ali calls the British Royals the “Greatest”! Say what?!! We talk with Kelly,“the tax Girl” about the the problems in the tax codes and the smart way to approach your taxes. Benjamin Netanyahu wins his election and the FOX News folks attacks Obama for not congratulating him quick enough. Russian President Putin finally turns up after 10 days out of sight. Gas prices staying low and the oil industry is handing out allot of pink slips. Is the the world heading towards a major water shortage in the near future? to start testing drone deliveries. Shia Labeouf wants you to follow his heart beat on-line. Harrison Ford to narrate documentary on air-planes. Ferris Bueller has a birthday.

Daniel Amos - Strange animals.
The Beatles – Taxman.
The Richie Furay Band - Am I getting through?
Don Henley - If dirt were dollars.
After the Fire - Who's going to love you (when your old, fat, and ugly)?

Jeff & Mike Show #371 3/15/15
March 16, 2015 08:21 PM PDT
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President Obama goes on Jimmy Kimmel's show and turns LA's rush hour into a nightmare. Secrete Service agents crash their car at the White House after a night of partying. Hillary Clinton gives her explanation for her e-mail flap but SNL's version is way more fun. Russia's President Putin goes missing for over 10 days and rumors fly. Ann Coulter Vice President in Sharknado 3 is scary enough. Flashback: we play a prophetic segment with Captain Eric May from 2008. Same silicon in Silly Puddy is in McDonald fries.
NASA says Californian has only one year left before it runs out of water. Will Apple buy out Tesla Motors. Sean Hannity gets is so wrong about Ferguson.
Three Dog Night keyboard player, Jimmy Greenspoon passes. A date for Star Wars 8 set.

Missing Persons - Destination unknown.
Flock of Seagulls - I ran.
Marvin Gaye - This love starved heart of mine it's killing me.
Dead Artist Syndrome – USA.
Three Dog Night - Mama told me not to come.

Jeff & Mike Show #370 3/8/15
March 09, 2015 08:18 PM PDT
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Hilary Clinton used the wrong e-mail account...can the country survive it?! NJ Governor Chis Christie cut a sweetheart deal for Exxon in a lawsuit and cheats the state out of billions. Ronald Reagan gets his face on a coin. Benjamin Netanyahu speak before the US Congress but tens of thousands of his countrymen protest against him in the streets of Jerusalem. Obama speaks 50th anniversary of bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama. Thousands of Target store employees to be let go while the CEO who made the bad decisions get a $61 million severance as he's shown the door. Fox News hosts say Big Brother needs to force parents get their kids vaccinated. Indiana Jones survives a crash landing to act again! Kelly Clarkson attacked for putting on weight.

Undercover - World come crashing down.
U2 - Bloody Sunday.
Eric Burdon - Sixteen tons.
Howard Jones - I.G.Y. (what beautiful world).
USAF - Into the wild blue yonder.