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Jeff & Mike Show #364 1/25/15
January 26, 2015 07:33 PM PST
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Low ratings for Obama's State of the Union Speech. Donald Trump says he would have beaten Obama in 2012 if he was the GOP candidate. Sarah Palin now says she is seriously interested in running for President in 2016 but don't hold your breath. Jeb Bush sets up 60 fund raisers to out pace his GOP contenders. 47% of people in New Jersey say they wouldn't vote for Chris Christie for President. We talk with UFO researcher Micheal Slack about strange on-goings in hid home town of Roswell New Mexico. We take a realistic look at measles and it's history. Remembering King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and his meeting with George W. SNL makes fun of Justin Bieber. Remember Mr. Cubs Ernie Banks. Paul McCartney records with Rihanna.

The Undisputed Truth - Smiling faces sometimes.
The Byrds - Mr Spaceman.
Michael and Stormie Omartian - Dr Jesus.
Midge Ure – Become.
Peter Gabriel - Big time.

Jeff & Mike Show #363 1/18/15
January 19, 2015 08:31 PM PST
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The GOP has it's winter conference in San Diego and all the 2016 Presidential wannabes showing up to beg for money from big donors. Republicans in the House wants to repeal Obama's immigration orders including DARPA. Obama wants better broadband coverage but how bad is it in the USA? Elon Musk wants to put hundreds of satellites in the sky to deliver inexpensive high speed internet to the whole world. Elon Musk to build a “hyper-loop” test track in Texas. Oil to fall to $35 a barrel?! Volvo to bring Chinese cars to US. Majority of kids going to public schools now under poverty level. We talk to the senior council for the home school legal defense about how the government hassles home schooling families. Doctors saying don't take a bath? CDC says flu shot only 12% to 14% effective. Plastic found in McNuggets. The Grateful Dead to reunite for 3 live shows in July. FOX to bring back The X-Files.

The Power Station - Some like it hot.
The All American Rejects-The future has arrived.
The Lost Dogs- Breathe deep.
Stevie Wonder - Higher ground.
Steely Dan - West of Hollywood.

Jeff & Mike Show #362 1/11/15
January 12, 2015 07:42 PM PST
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Mitt Romney tells big time GOP donors he wants to run for President again! We told you so!! CA. Senator Barbara Boxer retiring and we give her a send off. NJ Governor Chris Christie taking a ribbing for his awkward hug with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones. President Obama wants to offer Americans 2 free years of Community College education. We talk to new world order researcher, David Bay from, about our tensions with Russia and what Biblical prophecy says about our future The Burrow of Labor statistics say almost 93 million Americans did not participate in the labor force last month. JC Penny to close 40 stores and Macy's to close 14 of their stores. Chevy to come out with a $30,000 100% electric car to rival Tesla motors. Coke a Cola to cut 18,000 jobs. NYPD in a “slow-down” (showing up for work but not doing their job) because their still upset at Mayor de Blasio. George Zimmerman arrested again? Justin Bieber accused of “photo-shopping” in a Calvin Klein ad.

Chagall Guevara – If it all comes true.
Jacob's Trouble – Wounded World.
Boz Scaggs - Dirty low down.
The Clash - Police and thieves.
Andrae Crouch - Jesus is Lord.